«The Weight Management System Slender helped me to lose 18 kilos in 3 months…»
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«I’m very happy to say that I’ve finally got rid of extra kilos I had been fighting with for 8 years without any result. That is amazing! I’ve never thought “Slender” would be the magic wand I’ve been looking for all those years. I’ve bought the system out of despair, as the other methods couldn’t help me. Frankly speaking, I was surprised to find out that after a week of using “Slender”, I’ve lost a few kilos. In the first month I’ve lost about 5 kilos, in the second- six kilos, and in the third one- 7 kilos. Even now I can hardly realize it. As if I’m dreaming. But I’m not, this is REAL!Many thanks for this wonderful technology. You’ve changed my life! I can’t really express how great it is to get back this feeling of being skinny. Like back in the youth. THANK YOU!!!»

Best regards,
Margarita, 33, Yekaterinburg
Do men really like the way you look?

Does your boyfriend or your husband like the way you look? Has he ever been hinting at the fact that it’s time for you to lose weight? Andwhatdidyoudo? Didyouloseweight?

However sad it is, but extra weight is one the the most popular reasons of cheating and divorces. And this is understandable: any man wants to be with a good-looking, fit woman around. He wants to have the one and only, that would look pleasant to him. Is it true for you? Have you ever taken any notice of the way your man looks at the other women? And how he looks at you? Yes, you may probably have a strong bond as your children and yes, he would probably never leave you, but the question is: would he really love you as he once used to? How long? Do you really think he likes your body?

And if you don’t have a boyfriend, have you ever thought: WHY? Do men give much attention to you and do they make compliments? Wouldn’t you like to finally lose weight? And in 2-3 months to look the way you’vealways dreamed about?

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My name is Elena Nazarova and I am the head of the “Beauty Technology Centre”. Here, I would like to introduce you a modern way to lose extra kilos, which we recommend to our clients. This info would probably drastically change your life!

Not all the weight loss methods are equally healthy and effective…

At present, the mankind knows a number of ways to conquer a problem #1 for a lot of women- the problem of extra weight. What methods are we not suggested: miracle medicines, liposuction, tapeworm pills and etc. There is a range of them, and you may choose whatever you like. However, there’s one considerable drawback: practically all the known weight loss methods will cause irreparable harm to your body- the one that may have even more serious effects than smoking.
Here are some examples of the known weight loss methods:

The scientists from Ecological Restoration Research Institute claim that miracle pills(i.g. purgative pills, pills that curb appetite, fat-burner pills) and weight loss teas, have harmful effect on metabolic and hormonal processes in the body. Purgatives not only clear the body of chemical waste and reduce weight, but also deprive the body of many nutrients, namely, potassium and calcium. A lack of the necessary amount of potassium deteriorate the heart condition, and a lack of calcium negatively affects teeth and bones. What's more, the lack of these 2 elements have an adverse impact on the appearance of your skin.

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It should be also taken into account that medicines that reduce the appetite and suppress hunger and all the “fat burners” ( as a rule, these are sold under the guise of dietary supplements) have serious effects on hormonal processes of the body.


Detergent enemas. According to AlbinaTupikiva, the head of Pathophysiological Laboratory under the Colorectal Surgery Centre, those who constantly, several times a day, give themselves an enema will inevitably end up suffering from constipation and, as a result of all this, will have no intestinal flora. This method is definitely out of the question, isn’t it? To suffer all your life from intestinal disorders is hardly the right option to lose weight. Especially, considering the fact that once you stop giving enemas, you’ll immediately gain weight.


Liposuction. Despite the fact that a number of liposuction surgeons claim that the results of liposuction are irreversible, the factual evidence shows that this is not really true. The majority of patients get back to their former shape in several months. And on the top of that, if before the liposuction surgery the fat had been evenly distributed, after the surgery it forms bumps and lumps that look unpleasant. Not saying, that it would be much more difficult to fight this problem in the future.

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Diets. There is a number of various diets. Probably you went on some of them. And what was the result? To put it bluntly, NONE. Of course, you may lose weight, but after a while you’ll gain it back. Besides, practically all the diets have harmful effects on our health( especially on stomach and cardiovascular system) and deprive our body of the necessary vitamins and nutrients.


Physical exercises. This is probably the best variant for health and weight loss. But there is one shag. It is practically impossible to lose weight quickly: before you’ll start seeing first results, you would spend a great deal of time and energy. Jogging in the morning, gymming after work- are you really ready for all this? Will you be able to force yourself? And if so, for how long it will last?

So what are you to do? Which method is the safest and the most effective?

Luckily, modern science is developing and today we have a simple, effortless way to lose weight:
  • that do not require exhausting physical exercises;
  • that do not require stinting yourself in food;
  • that can be used at home;
We’re happy to introduce a method that proved to be an effective one- the “Slender System”, developed in joint efforts of It-in Corporation (the USA), along with Ideal Weight Loss Centre (the USA).
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Testings and sales figures have shown that the effectiveness of “Slender” is 93 %. In other words, every 93 women out of 100 notice a positive effect. More than 73% lose more than 15 kilos in 3 months after completing the program. None of the current weight loss methods can boast of such a high effectiveness! And you may be sure, you won’t regain the weight lost at least during 5 years.
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Attention! Only our method has the unique code, developed by the founders. We have exclusive rights to distribute the program «Slender» in Russia. The original licensed version can be bought only on this web-site, the other sites sellfake versions of “Slender” that do not give any results!

How does it work?

The system “Slender” is based on the idea, similar to subliminal stimuli, also known as the 25th frame. A person, while watching a video or movie, is able to perceive only 24 frames per second, the 25th frame is not visible, but can be identified by our subconsciousness. Thus, by inserting the 25th frame in particular place in a movie or in a program, it becomes possible to implant any idea or attitude, including the precept to lose weight.

It sounds a bit unreal, isn’t it? But this is entirely true. The technology of the 25th frame has been existing for more than 60 years. Besides, this idea of subliminal stimuli was widely used by advertisers, who added the images of an advertised product in movies and videos. The sales,as a result, increased dramatically. Later this advertising method was claimed to be unfair, since the audience made decision to buy particular product against their own free will. It was then banned in many countries, including Russia( article #10 of “Advertising” law, Russian Federation). This fact clearly shows that the 25th frame DO work.

Why should you use “Slender” and not the 25th frame?

There’s a number of weight loss programs, based on the 25th frame. They keep appearing, being sold, but their effectiveness is only 50 %. Why? The thing is that the method is used in its original version, but it is not really adapted to weight loss program. We’ve gone further! We’ve thoroughly examined the signal that is being transmitted by means of the 25th frame, and we’ve embedded the precept to lose weight in it. This is how we got the maximum of it! Even if you’re not willing to lose weight, the precept is being perceived in 100 %!

By using the 25th frame, inserted in the program, you can lose weight effortlessly: the only thing you’ll have to do is to start a program on your CD. The 25th frame doesn’t disturb your work, you can do whatever you want: to type, to play computer games, to surf the Net. The impact of the 25th frame will be imperceptible, but will be identified by your subconsciousness.

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You don’t have to physically exhaust yourself, in fact, you can stay at home and do nothing! Your subconsciousness and inner strength and power will do all the work, and all this will be done in a natural and safe way. You don’t have to sit on a diet or use hormonal medications… All that preoccupation about extra weight is in the past! “Slender” will boost your metabolism and you will be able to eat whatever and whenever you like. You don’t have to refuse any more all these delicious pastries!
You will lose weight without wasting your precious time! FORGOOD!

“Slender” will start working just after you run a program. This method can be compared with suggestive treatment or hypnotism, but the effect from “Slender” is much stronger, since in this case there’s a constant psychological influence. Thus, by spending more time in front of your computer, you’ll get more results from “Slender”.

When using the method, your subconsciousness starts reading the program code and adjusting the body parameters, thus leading to weight loss. Byaffecting your subconsciousness in this way, you influencedirectly on the CAUSE of extra weight. When you get rid of the cause, you eliminate itsconsequences. Those who use the technique of «Slender» do not regain weight for a long time.

You individually adjust the program by inputting your personal parameters. “Slender” is absolutely safe and don’t have a negative impact on a body. In 7 years of its existence, experts from It-in Corporation have found NO side effects !

Weight loss that doesn’t depend on age, bodily constitution or the causes of extra weight.

The method is equally effective for everyone, regardless of the reasons why you’ve gained weight. Be it a stress or overeating, pregnancy or life changes, surgery or unintentional physical immobility- the effect from “Slender” will ALWAYS be positive!

We guarantee that in 3 months of daily usage of the program you’ll lose 15 or even more kilos.

  • You will be able to wear tight-fitting clothes and not to be ashamed of your body;
  • You’ll be proud to show your body on the beach;
  • Men will pay you compliments on regular basis;
  • Your husband or boyfriend will fall in love with you again, and your sexual life will become rich again;
  • You’ll get rid of all your complexes for good and will be much more attractive and healthier;
  • You won’t have to stint yourself in food anymore and to endlessly sit on diets;
  • You’ll finally look the way you’ve always dreamed;
And all this is just a few steps away from you!

Clients’ reviews:

Svetlana Korpuhina, 26, Chelyabinsk

Before starting to use “Slender” I weighed 86 kilos. In 3 months I’ve managed to lose 17 kilos! I feel great!


weight- 86 kilos, bust- 98 centimeters, waist- 89 centimeters, hips- 108 centimeters.

3 months later:

weight- 55 kilos, bust- 88 centimeters, waist- 66 centimeters, hips- 93 centimeters.

Svetlana, 25, Cheboksary

Before using “Slender” I weighed 86 kilos. In 3 months I’ve managed to lose 17 kilos! I feel great!


weight- 80 kilos, bust- 93 centimeters, waist- 85 centimeters, hips- 97 centimeters

3 months later:

weight- 59 kilos, bust- 87 centimeters, waist- 66 centimeters, hips- 78 centimeters

Ekaterina, 31, Murmansk

After giving birth to child, I’ve gained 22 kilos. Besides, since I nursed a baby, I was not allowed to sit on any diet or to take any medication. That’s why I decided to use “Slender”. In 3 months I lost 12 kilos without causing any harm to health. I very much hope to lose the rest extra kilos in the next 2-3 months.


weight- 83 kilos, bust- 96 centimeters, waist- 85 centimeters, hips- 100 centimeters

3 months later:

weight- 70 kilos, bust- 88 centimeters, waist- 75 centimeters, hips- 92 centimeters

Anastasia Fedorovna, 38, Saint-Petersburg

I’m 38 years old and suffer from diabetes mellitus. That’s why the use of a number of medicines and diets is contra-indicated. My regular weight is 78 kilos. At this moment, after using “Slender” for more than 3 months I weigh 65 kilos. Many thanks to the creators of this program for making it possible to lose weight, without doing any harm to health.


weight- 78 kilos, bust- 96 centimeters, waist- 85 centimeters, hips- 104 centimeters

3 months later:

weight- 65 kilos, bust- 85 centimeters, waist- 64 centimeters, hips- 86 centimeters

  • Absolutely NEW! The hit product of the season 2014! Slender!

The system “Slender” is a revolutionary product that is extremely popular in the USA and Europe. In Russia more than 2000 copiesof it have been sold from this website and we daily get letters of appreciation from women, who finally reached the ideal weight they’ve always dreamed of.

Weight loss program “Slender” is a precious development in the area of losing extra weight, that has been thoroughly examined and tested by the best European and Russian dietitians and psychologists. For 30 years we’ve been working to make it possible to change your life in a month!

  • If they have done that, why you can’t ?

It’s up to you to decide. If extra kilos make your life unbearable, “Slender” is just what you need! It’s high time to get rid of this tormenting problem!

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